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the Saff form of


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Saff Kazdağları

The Future is in Healing Lands

Ida Mountains… Healing Land… Sacred lands where the forest and the sea dance together, gathering ancient traditions and rich ecological life under one roof… Living in the Ida Mountains is a breath away from a healthy life. Located in the Turkish provinces of Çanakkale and Balıkesir, the Ida Mountains, also known as the lungs of the homeland, lie in ancient Troas with all its splendor, rich ecosystems and legends dating back thousands of years.




Geometric Architecture

Social Amenities

Wooden Structure

Zero Waste

Voronoi Division

Oxygen Supply

Voronoi Diagram

In the design of Saff KAZDAĞLARI, a geometric order, which is observed in the process of existence of many living things and objects and organizes the forms in nature, is used. This order, known as the “Voronoi Diagram”, is the creative mathematics of nature itself. 


Why Saff

Saff KAZDAĞLARI by Award-Winning Architect

The project area is a 60,000 square meter area in the Ida Mountains, adjacent to the forest. Within the area, there is a grove that flows through the forest and divides the area into two. This grove of pine and oak trees already tells us in its own way how we should approach architectural design. In this area, which is 650 meters above sea level, there will be a total of 90 carefully designed wooden houses of two different types. In addition to the wooden houses, there is a boutique hotel structure that we designed for temporary users who want to experience the area. In connection with this hotel, there will be 20 glamping units. Glamping offers a nice experience for people who have adopted the city life to meet with nature. We attach great importance to these units, especially as they offer both comfort and the freedom to be in touch with nature.


Art and beyond from


Ayhan Sicimoğlu: We are in love with nature. And I believe that a person can fall in love with a mountain. Dear friends, take a breath, the world is changing…

An area of 60,000 square meters adjacent to the forest in Mount Ida… A boutique hotel was designed for those who want to experience this place temporarily.

What would it be like to wake up to a morning full of oxygen accompanied by birdsong in Saff Ida Mountains? How would it feel to live in this land where green and blue dance in harmony?

Our project was designed in harmony with nature in the Ida Mountains and inspired by the historical and cultural character of the region.

Take a closer look at the magnificent location where our project is located. Şahindere Canyon, Assos Ancient City, Altınoluk, Temple of Athena, Mıhlı Waterfall and more…

Ida Mountains, also known as the lungs of Turkey, is a place where people have come for health and treatment since ancient times.

Saff KAZDAĞLARI design is inspired by the creative mathematics of nature, known as the “Voronoi Diagram”.

Shinrin Yoku (Forest Bath) research shows that whenever we are in nature, our stress levels decrease. In fact, the significant effects of Forest Bathing in fighting cancer have been proven by these studies.


Frequently Asked Questions

It is in Osmaniye village of Bayramiç district of Çanakkale province.

The project consists of 2 parcels. Parcel numbers are 122-2 and 122-3. The entire project is divided into 92 shares ready for sale. The project area is 60.000 m2.

Eco Tourism zoned.

It has 0.10 zoning. The height is 7.5 meters and 2 floors can be built.

Project Delivery Date is May 2025.

Title Deed delivery is made within 1 month after the completion of the contract and down payment.

The customer title deed will be given as a share land title deed. However, the parcel selected in the site plan, common use, utilization and management plan will be annotated on the title deed.

In order not to deteriorate the sustainability and concept of the project, the exterior architecture is the same in all buildings. The gross square meters of the houses are 80,47 and net square meters 67,87 m2.

EKMAS Construction will undertake the construction of the houses.

The shares are between 143 square meters and 579 square meters and there are options for payment in 12 months installments with 30% down payment or 24 months installments with 50% down payment.

All social facilities will be completed and ready on the project delivery date.

Yes, all the details of Saff KAZDAĞLARI have been meticulously designed and the necessary work has started.

Yes, in the Saff KAZDAĞLARI project, the necessary security measures have been planned, taking into account the perception of privacy specifically designed for individuals.

Yes, all the documents required for our project have been received and will be shared with anyone who requests an interview.

The locations of the customers on the parcelization will be publicly included in the contract in the form of a site plan. This site plan will be attached to the title deed when the title deed is given.

The social areas designed with expert consultants and architects for Saff KAZDAĞLARI are as follows: Hotel and Social Facility, Event Square, Village Products Center, Village Bazaar, Village Grocery Store, Coffee Shops, Ecological and Vegan Restaurants, Electric Vehicle Point, Children’s Playgrounds, Pet Social Area, Parking Lot, Common Technical Areas and Service Units. In addition to these, there will be Common Production Areas such as Endemic Plants Center, Olive Processing, Ancestral Seeds Depot, Orchard and Fruit Trees Garden. Rhythm and Music Studio, Art Studio, Yoga and Breathwork Studio, Forest Excursion Center and Forest Resting Points, Olive Grove, Silence Workshop, Orchard and Fruit Garden, Mini Carpenter and Hobby Studios, Wine Cellar and Tasting House, Glamping Information Center and Outdoor Sports Areas will also be included in the project.

While designing the architectural structures, landscape areas and social facilities of Saff KAZDAĞLARI, we worked with consultants who are experts in their fields. Ayhan Sicimoğlu for culture and music, Kengo Kuma for Glamping designs, Yoshinori Moriwaki for survey reports and construction processes, Erhan Vural and Aboutblank Architecture team for Saff KAZDAĞLARI residences, Deniz Aslan and DS Architecture team for the landscape architecture of Saff KAZDAĞLARI in harmony with nature, and Durul Bakan, who brings a new breath to sculpture for sculpture arts. For such a special project, negotiations are also ongoing with valuable experts in different fields.

Our hotel has 10 rooms and the area allocated for the hotel is approximately 1000 square meters. It is only available for the use of our customers for their guests.

Tel: +90 850 330 62 62

Adress: Zorlu Levazım, Koru Sok. No:2, 34340 Beşiktaş / İstanbul / Turkey