Ida Mountains… 

Healing Land…

Sacred lands where the forest and the sea dance together, gathering ancient traditions and rich ecological life under one roof…

Living in the Ida Mountains is a breath away from a healthy life.

Located in the Turkish provinces of Çanakkale and Balıkesir, the Ida Mountains, also known as the lungs of the homeland, lie in ancient Troas with all its splendor, rich ecosystems and legends dating back thousands of years.

Mount Ida is so magnificent that Zeus, the God of the Gods, recognized it as the most sacred place after Mount Olympus. It is mentioned in many mythological narratives that the gods watched the people from the summit of Mount Ida. Mount Ida has also found a place in the dusty pages of history with the beauty contest that caused the famous Trojan War.

Legends have also emerged among the local people who have made the Mount Ida their home. The beautiful and lonely Sarıkız and Hasan Boğuldu, who comes to mind when it comes to impossible love, lived in these ancient lands. 

Tahtakuşlar Village, which is also known as the Shaman Village, was deemed worthy of the UNESCO award because the Turks migrated from Central Asia and came to these lands and kept their shaman customs and traditions alive even today.

The Ethnography and Olive Oil Factory Museum, located in the villages established at the foot of the Ida Mountains, is one of the routes frequented by those who want to take a journey into history.

The fertility of the Mıhlı Stream is so reflected in the soil that the sky is now made of the branches of trees.

The Ida Mountains, where civilizations, mythology, traditions and rich cultures still come to life, is a piece of paradise that tourists and enthusiasts come and see in four seasons.

There are around 800 plant species belonging to 101 families and 29 plant taxa are endemic to the Mount Ida National Park. Mount Ida, where ecological life comes to life with a magnificent harmony, is home to many animal and plant species.


Saff Kazdağları was inspired by the gently sloping land structure to create magical landscapes.

Inspired by the nature, history and cultural structure of Mount Ida, the social areas of the project were designed. 

The Village Products Center, Local Shop, where you can access natural products plucked from the branches at any time, Endemic Plants Center, Endemic Herbs Tour and Seed Depot, which are unique to the region and exclusive to these lands, were added to the project. Mushroom Picking Trips where you can access Bear, Kanlıca and many other mushroom species, Vintage Trip where you can harvest the last harvest with local residents, Eco Farms inspired by the natural life of Mount Ida and Ecological Restaurants where you can feel the taste of Mount Ida on your palate, Olive Oil Y. Stop, Yoruk Market Meals, Flavors from the World and Wine Tasting Center, and the Olive Processing Center inherited from ancient civilizations create a style by blending the spirit of Mount Ida with modern life philosophy. 

Rhythm and Art Studio, Body and Breath Studio, squares for social and cultural events, and a boutique hotel will be opened for visitors who want to benefit from all the privileges of the Kaz Mountains New Life Village to combine the daily period of life in the Kaz Mountains and the fertile soil crops gifted to humanity with art.

For daily activities, a Bicycle Repair Point, Shared Vehicle Point, Forest Recreation Points, Outdoor Sports Area, Village Grocery Store, Vegan Restaurant and Gathering Area have been created for the new residents of Mount Ida.