with the spirit of Mount Ida?

Healing your body and soul in this land where green and blue dance in harmony is just a breath away. The magnificent location of the Ida Mountains, stretching in all its glory, is the place for those who come to the Ida Mountains to find peace and healing. 

Saff KAZDAĞLARI contains all the natural wonders and cultural richness of the ancient Troas region, also known as the Mountain of the Gods. All experts unquestionably agree on the benefits of these lands on human health. 

Healing Lands, Mount Ida

Mount Ida is surrounded by clean, oxygen-rich air. This is extremely beneficial for mental and physical health. Fresh air prevents conditions that can lead to respiratory diseases and improves lung function. 

At the same time, fresh air reduces stress and helps the body to release large amounts of the hormone serotonin.

Due to the widespread organic natural food production in the region, you can consume the most delicious and healthiest products with an abundance of fruits and vegetables and edible, delicious mushroom species that are famous in the region.

There are many thermal springs in the Ida Mountains. These thermal springs, known only to the most travelers, provide a special area because they do not contain dense crowds. These thermal spring waters have therapeutic properties for rheumatic diseases, joint pains, skin problems, nervous system disorders and various other health problems. The healing waters from Mount Ida also help to relax the joints and muscles. 

After breathing the oxygen-rich air and eating vitamin-rich foods, there is no trace of common complaints such as fatigue. The locals here are well known, but how do you think the guests who visit for a while will change?

Taking a Forest Bath in the nature of the Ida Mountains with a bright mind and an energy that cannot be contained, just breathing the air, letting your eyes wander, taking beautiful walks accompanied by birdsong… The Ida Mountains have an ancient power to heal the soul. 

These walks have healing effects on the health of the heart and circulatory system. 

Spending time in nature relaxes people’s minds and relieves stress. This contributes to better mental health and a better quality of life.

Did you know that being in wooden structures as well as being in nature has positive effects on our physical, mental and emotional health?

The effects of the wood used in the architectural designs of Saff KAZDAĞLARI on human health are countless. Wood architecture was used as a building material to realize and maintain the philosophy of wood in accordance with the lifestyle of the Ida Mountains.

Wood surfaces trap dust and other air pollution particles, thus reducing the level of pollution in the air.

Mark Hughes, professor of wood technologies at Aalto University, emphasizes the positive effects on human health of wooden structures built with the philosophy of Finnish teachings, which are often preferred.

Hughes: “Wood absorbs moisture from the air and releases it back when dry. Wood therefore has the ability to stabilize the indoor climate.”

Dr. Takahiro Meada, who works at the world’s first wooden hospital near Tokyo, explains the importance of wooden structures for human health by saying that wood allows for a balanced distribution of moisture in the air and that these structures are earthquake resistant. 

When we are inside wooden structures, breathing the air, touching and being in them, our stress levels are significantly reduced. Such a natural environment provides a comfortable and peaceful space for people. 

Let’s listen to the health benefits of Mount Ida from experts in their fields.