Ayhan Sicimoğlu, one of the project consultants of Saff KAZDAĞLARI, is one of Turkey’s valuable faces known for his colorful personality. Sicimoğlu is known for his admiration of the Ida Mountains and during his visits to the region, he has conducted research on the cultural and gastronomic characteristics of the region. 

Emphasizing that he is in love with the Ida Mountains, Sicimoğlu adds that these mountains are the place where Zeus, the god of gods, watches people. Sicimoğlu: “Dear friends, we are in love with nature and I believe that a person can fall in love with a mountain. For example, the queen of mountains, the legendary Mount Ida.  Let’s talk about the magnificent nature of Mount Ida. These mountains have an incredible natural cover that releases oxygen.

Why does Mount Ida have this beautiful air? It is the second region in the world in terms of oxygen because there is a young vegetation of goose mountain fir, oak, olive groves and young vegetation specific to that mountain. In addition, for fruit and aroma therapies, there are plants such as wild garlic, yarrow, rosary tree, rosehip, blueberry, blackberry, blackberry, silver leaf, which we can come across in very few places.”


Ayhan Sicimoğlu is a traveler, musician, presenter and writer and is the project advisor of Saff KAZDAĞLARI in the field of art. Born in 1956 in Istanbul, his interest in music and art started at an early age. Sicimoğlu started his music career at a young age. Sicimoğlu, who works in Latin, jazz and world music genres, has also written books on music history.

Sicimoğlu, who is also known for his works “Colorful Tales”, “Hastasıyım” and “I Don’t Know Any Birds But Crows”, has also presented television and radio programs.

Ayhan Sicimoğlu has given many concerts in Turkey and abroad. He has also taken part in many events in the field of culture and arts in Turkey. Sicimoğlu, who specializes in Latin music, has released many albums throughout his musical career.

Ayhan Sicimoğlu: We are in love with nature. And I believe that a person can fall in love with a mountain. Dear friends, take a breath, the world is changing…