Saff KAZDAGLARI is one of the most important investments of its region. Landscape design supported the original language of the project, which stands out with its qualified and investigative architecture. Although there, it was aimed to create a universal value by making strong landscape decisions in order to predict the future and protect nature’s soil at the highest level. In line with this goal, all residential groups were designed to make the users feel themselves in nature. Throughout the project, trails and programs were created for users to walk around and stop by while walking around, and the use of gardens that each age group felt belonged to were created.

Olive growing and fruit growing in the past of the area, as well as the existing trees, led us to design a pleasant environment with edible plants as well as ornamental plants. In this context, agriculture was not neglected either. All this landscape character allowed the creation of an ecosystem on a large scale. For this reason, the existing fauna and flora are very carefully preserved and developed. Within the scope of the project, all the spaces in the building blocks are considered as pleasant resting, meeting, observing and having a pleasant time with the children within the neighbourhood.

All areas where nature meets are designed as nature trails. For body therapy, human biorhythm has always been at the center of the design in a rhythm identical to nature. With the landscape approaches that correspond to the public, semi-public and private spaces included in the project, an environmental consciousness in which people are at the center was observed.


Deniz Aslan graduated from ITU Faculty of Architecture in 1986 as an Architect. In 1989, he completed his master’s degree in Yıldız Technical University, Institute of Science and Technology Landscape Planning Program and received the title of Master Architect – Landscape Architect. In 2000, he completed the ITU Institute of Natural and Applied Sciences Building Science Doctorate Program and received the title of Doctor in 2018 and the title of Associate Professor in 2018.

Deniz Aslan, who served as a faculty member at ITU Faculty of Architecture between 1989 and 2017, participated in National and International projects in the field of Architecture and Landscape Architecture and her designs were published in many National and International journals.

Deniz Aslan and Sevim Aslan, who are also jury members in national and international academic studies and competitions, are the founding partners of DS Architecture.