Durul Bakan, our project advisor in the field of Sculptor and Art at Saff KAZDAĞLARI, is one of the most successful recycling artists in the world. The artist, who brings a breath of fresh air to the art of sculpture with the tree branches he collects at the seaside and in canyons, mainly creates his sculptures based on anatomical observations of animals and humans. The artist’s works attract the attention of many art lovers from Turkey and abroad. 

A Life in Pursuit of Happiness

The artist, who said that he spent his working life in different sectors, stated that he was very unhappy in this process and that his life goal was to find meaning and happiness.

Seeing the damage to nature in his former work experience, he underlined that as a sculptor and above all as a human being, we should always be respectful and meticulous to nature and that we should raise awareness about the damage we cause to nature through recycling.


Having been professionally engaged in the transportation business for a long time, Bakan started working in this sector in 1999. However, he was not happy in his job. For this reason, he first sold his truck and then took to the road to find happiness. One day, while taking long walks by the sea, he realized how aesthetic and meaningful tree branches looked. Collecting all the branches he saw, he started to make sculptures from these tree branches with just one idea.

The first debut of the artist, who has been continuing his sculpting profession with great pleasure for years, was in “Expo 2016 Antalya”. He stated that the situation that inspired him as a recycling artist gained importance after he saw that Burdur Lake, which was a wonder of nature in his childhood, lost its beauty due to human destruction over time and that it is a subject he is currently working on meticulously.

Stating that he is very impressed by the aesthetic powers of nature, Bakan underlined that he makes sculptures in the parts created by nature itself, without using any chemicals and without harming nature in any way during the work.