Signatures have been signed for the consultancy of a new name in all EKMAS Investments, especially in the Saff KAZDAĞLARI project, which has been working with valuable experts successful in their fields. Yoshinori Moriwaki, an internationally famous expert in the fields of Earthquake Expert, Master Architect and Civil Engineer, will be consulted for EKMAS Investments.

Moriwaki, who will provide consultancy for EKMAS Investments on examining ground survey reports, conducting detailed research on the region, developing risk mitigation methods and how to protect before and after a possible earthquake, expressed his happiness to be a part of such an organization. Moriwaki stated that he especially loved Mount Ida and Safranbolu in Turkey and continued his words as follows: “Turkey is really beautiful. It has magnificent natural wonders like Mount Ida. It is of great importance that the projects to be carried out for this region are integrated into the natural structure.”


Within the scope of EKMAS Investments, the construction and execution of the projects, construction with the right techniques, landscaping, providing opinions and opinions on architectural structures, as well as occupational health and safety issues at the construction sites will be carried out under the consultancy of Expert Yoshinori Moriwaki.

With its innovative perspective and visionary practices, EKMAS Investment continues to work with its valuable consultants and professional team in its world-class projects.

Who is Yoshinori Moriwaki?

Born in 1958 in Japan, Moriwaki is a MSc architect and civil engineer. Moriwaki’s adventure in Turkey began after the devastating earthquake in 1999. Moriwaki, who came for 1 month due to the earthquake, has been living in Turkey since then.

Yoshinori Moriwaki is the General Manager of the Istanbul Branch of Hazama Ando Corporation, which built the Petronas Twin Towers in Malaysia and AKASHI, Japan’s longest suspension bridge, and the Secretary General of the Turkey Branch of the Japan Overseas Construction Companies Association. Moriwaki, who has also given many seminars in Turkey, underlines the importance of educating children, the public and every individual in the society about earthquake awareness.

Mr. Moriwaki, who worked in SENDAI, an earthquake zone in Japan for 13 years, undertook the supervision of Marmaray and Izmit Bay Crossing Bridge projects in Istanbul on behalf of the Japan Overseas Construction Companies Association. In 1990, he signed major projects such as Swiss Hotel Project, YKK Zipper Factory, Çerkezköy-Honda Automobile Factory, Şekerpınar-Toyota Factory, Adapazarı-Toyota Emergency Aid Hospital. Mr. Moriwaki has taken part in the investments made by the Japanese automotive industry in Turkey.

Moriwaki thanks the Turkish Nation

In an interview with Anadolu Agency (AA), Moriwaki stated that he is always grateful to the Turkish nation and explained the reason for this gratitude as follows: “In 1890, the Japanese rescued the survivors of a Turkish ship that crashed into the rocks in Japan. In 1985, during the Iran-Iraq war, you rescued 215 Japanese who were stranded at the airport in Tehran by giving them your airplane. At first we didn’t understand the reason for this, then we realized that you did such a good deed in return for the good deed done in 1890. For this, as a Japanese, I would like to thank the Turkish people very much.”