Ayhan Sicimoğlu: We are in love with nature. And I believe that a person can fall in love with a mountain. Dear friends, take a breath, the world is changing…

Social Amenities

An area of 60,000 square meters adjacent to the forest in Mount Ida… A boutique hotel was designed for those who want to experience this place temporarily.

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Saff Lifestyle

What would it be like to wake up to a morning full of oxygen accompanied by birdsong in Saff Ida Mountains? How would it feel to live in this land where green and blue dance in harmony?

The New Future

Our project was designed in harmony with nature in the Ida Mountains and inspired by the historical and cultural character of the region.


Take a closer look at the magnificent location where our project is located. Şahindere Canyon, Assos Ancient City, Altınoluk, Temple of Athena, Mıhlı Waterfall and more…

Power of Nature

Ida Mountains, also known as the lungs of Turkey, is a place where people have come for health and treatment since ancient times.


Saff KAZDAĞLARI design is inspired by the creative mathematics of nature, known as the “Voronoi Diagram”.

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Shinrin Yoku

Shinrin Yoku (Forest Bath) research shows that whenever we are in nature, our stress levels decrease. In fact, the significant effects of Forest Bathing in fighting cancer have been proven by these studies.

Are you ready to be refreshed?

Heal your body and soul with the benefits of the magnificent location of Saff KAZDAĞLARI.

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From Finnish Wisdom: The power of nature and the amazing effects of using wood on human health.

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Project Adding Value to Life Saff KAZDAGLARI

Saff KAZDAĞLARI became the winner of the Project Adding Value to Life award at the 36th International Consumer Quality Summit Adding Value to Life award ceremony organized by Lob’in International.